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We are Takagari and we produce engaging videos for brand communication, external marketing, internal awareness, training, advertising, and viral campaigns. We apply filmmaking, storytelling, and production values to our projects. We don’t make traditional, bloated corporates. We believe a little imagination goes a long way. In short, Takagari are video experts that craft content that achieve results.

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Morrisons - Communications

Project - Morrisons Cellar

Takagari produced a series of interactive films that launched the Morrisons Cellar, an online wine delivery service. We worked closely with Morrisons’ brand agency and produced a series of 15 films to accompany the campaign. Using specific brand guidelines we constructed the ‘Morrisons Cellar’ and filmed 6 days on set. Takagari delivered all production services including pre-production & planning, casting, filming, crewing & equipment, post production and animation.

“Takagari are fantastic partners of 490 Global. They have second to none video experience, backing up practical production implementation and project management with a professional understanding of the role of brands and the communications process. A strong recommendation!”

490 Global / Brand Agency